Teach them to give!

As we enter the holiday season many of us think of the things we can offer those in need. How can I give of the things I have to someone who is needy? While this is a great thing to do, it is also vital that we put ourselves in others shoes and think about the feeling of not being able to buy a present for a child or not being able to purchase a special meal for the holidays. What does it feel like to have to receive rather than give? As I consider this, I wonder how we can facilitate an atmosphere of giving even for those who have little. Jesus commended the woman who gave her last few coins when others had given a large amount. How can we teach the girls we work with to look at themselves as having something to give no matter what it is?

Here are a few suggestions:
1. Empower girls to give: Give the girls an opportunity to think through the things they are able to do and ways that can be used as a gift. Your group could carol at a local nursing home, host a babysitting night so parents can Christmas shop, decorate cookies to give away, write special cards for other children. Encourage them to really think about how God gifted them and use that to serve others.

2. Focus on missions: There are many ways to encourage those on the mission field. Consider inviting a missionary or former missionary to come and talk about their experience. Have them share about the ways that they could give to the people they were ministering to. For example, have them talk about teaching the gospel, going to an orphanage and giving hugs, a work project. Tell the missionary you not only want to hear about the mission field but you also want your girls to be encouraged to think of ways to begin ministering right now.

3. Go to a local organization and serve as a group: Find a local resale shop, food pantry, soup kitchen or similar organization and schedule a time to serve as a team.

It could change the way your girls think about the holidays if you give them a chance to give back!