Teen Girls Need You!

Making the right choices is hard and often confusing, especially for girls who live in a world where the truth is being covered over with the world’s lies. Girls of Faith can help you pass on to junior and senior high the truth to guide them through the challenges of their teen years. Our curriculum can help you examine topics of interest to teens while uncovering the world’s lies vs. God’s truth, studying the lives of a woman of the Bible, who dealt with the same issue, and taking personal steps to make the truth a guidepost for life. We can also partner with you to impact the girls in your life in the way that is most beneficial to your group!


We Believe

  • That God's Word makes it very clear that the older women should be investing in training the younger women. (Titus 2)

  • That the younger a girl is when spiritual training begins the more beneficial it will be.


Research Shows:

  • 62% of all girls feel insecure or not sure of themselves (struggle with low self-esteem)

  • The top wish among all girls is for their parents to communicate better with them, which includes more frequent and open conversations about what is happening in their own lives.

  • Parents’ words and actions play a pivotal role in fostering positive self-esteem in girls.

  • 75% of girls with low self-esteem reported engaging in negative activities such as disordered eating, cutting, bullying, smoking, or drinking when feeling badly about themselves.

SMM High School curriculum

The SMM High school curriculum is written for high school girls and can be used for small-group discipleship or one-on-one mentoring. It is discussion based and malleable to meet the needs of your group. The main thing to keep in mind is that the key of SMM a is to build relationships with girls in order to lead them into a deeper relationship with Christ.

A CD targeting Grade 9 is currently available. The topics on this CD include: Popularity, Purpose,You are unique, Belonging to God’s family, God as a priority, Prayer, Bible reading, Becoming like Christ and Endurance.

Week 1: Topic introduction (suggestions are provided to introduce the topic in a fun way and to help the girls identify their current perspective).

Week 2 : World's Lies versus God's Truth (Uses Scripture passages to show God's perspective on the topic).

Week 3: God's Girls (addresses the topic from the perspective of a woman of the Bible).

Week 4: My Faith (helps the girls decide how they will apply in their own lives what they have learned).

Printable leader instructions, lessons and journal pages are all included on the CD.

The materials are being field-tested by a number of groups in various settings.

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