Do you see it?

Has your heart been captured by the girls in your life? Do you see the brokenness of this world and the effect that has on the heart of a girl? Then YOU may be ready to start a girls' ministry, and we are here to help!

We want to partner with you as you begin to cast a for a girls' ministry. The list below is a great place to start. We also have many free resources available for download on our resource page that can help as you begin this adventure!

1.) Begin with Prayer. Pray that God would provide team members, give you a direction, and help you connect with girls!


2.) Connect with your pastor/church leaders and other women to think through what a girls' ministry could look like.

3.Decide who your audience is and what you are going to do with them.


Click Here to Check out our resource page. Check out the "Beginning a Girls' Ministry" Document to see an explanation of all the above!