Who We Are

SMM--Sisters Mentoring with a Mission--is an organization whose focus has been discipleship of young girls for over 100 years. While we have amazing curriculum available, SMM is by no means only curriculum. SMM is defined by a heart for girls and the desire to see them encounter Christ in a life-changing way



Our SMM Curriculum is unique!  It doesn't have many fancy graphics, but it is meaty.  We provide a curriculum full to the brim with creative ways to guide girls as they learn what it means to seek and follow Jesus. The curriculum is set up so the girls are not just spectators watching the lessons. Instead, the girls will be actively involved in ministry and engaged in God's Word in a way that their hearts and minds will be challenged to seek The One True God that they are learning about.

The Topics of Our Curriculum are:

1st "My God is So Big" Deuteronomy 10:17

2nd "God's Great Big Plan" Deuteronomy 10:17

3rd "Jesus and His Time on Earth" John 8:12

4th "Getting Fruity" John 15:15

5th "Member of One Body" Romans 12:5

6th "A Year of Mysteries" Ephesians 6:19

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"The updates to the 5th grade curriculum have been such a blessing to me as an Amigas leader.  It's jam-packed with lesson plans, service project ideas, games, crafts and great resources like 'Hot Topics'.  I have seen God work in the girls' lives as we discover what His word says about such topics as anger, friendships and self-esteem. This curriculum has been a wonderful tool in equipping and encouraging the girls in my group to grow in their relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ!" 

— Carrie Sansom, Wooster GBC

What We Offer You

  • A community of like-minded women who are on fire for reaching their girls.

  • A bi-monthly newsletter full of encouragement, ideas, and biblical truths.

  • Downloadable resources for you to use as you build your girls ministry.


  • Curriculum founded in Scripture, full of ideas and adaptable to meet your ministry needs.

  • A team dedicated to answering your questions and coming alongside your ministry.